New books (fine or designer bindings), boxes, artist portfolios, preservation boxes or cases are also custom made to customers specifications and this can include hot foil stamping / gold embossing , debossing or artwork. Artists books which can encompass the use of leather, cloth, wood, metal, all types of paper, printmaking and marbling. Commissions are welcome.

Lorraine Brown is a bookbinder on the Gold Coast, in the Scenic Rim specialising in leather, book, repairs, embossing, book restoration and bookbinding.




Sympathetic and sound book restorations are achieved using only high standard archival, conservation and durable materials. The restoration of books using only traditional hand skills in craft binding methods are utilised whilst retaining as much as possible of the original binding materials. The survival and longevity of a binding restoration is a paramount consideration. There is no compromise on quality.


There are no two books which are the same and pose the same solution in repairs so each book is considered on its own. Great care and pride is taken to ensure that future generations will enjoy these books.


Examples of some books that have been previously restored are : Family Bibles, Family Histories, Hymnals, Antique books.


Insert photos General / LB008 and LB066- photograph by Chelsi Foskett in small font




General repairs on all books and 'parts' of books.  To retain the majority of the original book is at the forefront of all repair work. However, if this option is not desired or possible, the client has the option of a brand new binding in either book cloth, hand marbled papers or leather. Other options to suit the customer are always be considered.


Insert photo Repairs work / HB-B4 and HB repaired

Insert photo Repairs work / Mrs Beetons-B4 and MrsBeetons repaired


New Books

New bindings can be made to order. Only items of archival, high quality are used in the making of any books.

Materials used may include :

  • fine bookbinding leathers
  • hand made papers or imported archival papers
  • bookcloth
  • your choice of cloth
  • hand marble paper.


Those books may include that special :

  • Wedding Album
  • Journal
  • Diary
  • Guest register / Visitors Book
  • Limited edition
  • Commission
  • Customised work eg binding of magazines

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Boxes / Portfolios / Presentation Cases


Boxes of all shapes and sizes that preserve and protect your valuable items can be made according to requirements. These can be utilised for either the storage of books, documents, collectables, manuscripts, photographs etc. The boxes are covered and lined using only archival products and can be either drop down spine, hinged sides or covers, clamshell, solander etc.


Slipcases can also be made to accommodate any book / volume sets size.


Portfolios / cases for the storage of documents, maps, prints, drawings, artists works can also be made to the customers specified requirements.


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New items


Insert photos New Works with the caption under each photo.


The following photographs are examples of new bound items


2 examples of magazines made into books

a book of 21 hand made envelopes using Italian papers for a new born baby thru to the 21 st birthday

Full bound green kangaroo leather on 5 raised bands journal

Commission from The Red Room Company – Cabinet of Lost and Found for the Sydney Writers Festival 2006

Fine binding in maroon emu leather for exhibition Double Bush Binding – 2 photos

Example of diary in full mixed leathers

Full emu with 3 types of fish leather

Examples of titling on cloth and leather

Full kangaroo leather on 5 raised bands

Full red kangaroo leather with mixed inlay and onlays

Example of non pareil marbled endpapers

Qld walnut coverings with green oasis goat leather spine


Boxes / Portfolios / Presentation Cases


Insert photos from Boxes except St Geo Church and RB-DM


Artists' Books


Insert photos from Artists Books – captions for each book in order

  • Blake Poetry Prize 2008 – Vol. 8 of 8
  • Two decahedrons to spin a tale
  • Erupting Volcano
  • Keywords
  • Meetings with Remarkable Trees - hidden
  • Meetings with Remarkable Trees – opening
  • Women in Boats – (closed) - collaboration
  • Women in Boats – (open) – collaboration
  • WYSINWYAWTS – what you see is not what you always want to see
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