New books (fine or designer bindings), boxes, artist portfolios, preservation boxes or cases are also custom made to customers specifications and this can include hot foil stamping / gold embossing , debossing or artwork. Artists books which can encompass the use of leather, cloth, wood, metal, all types of paper, printmaking and marbling. Commissions are welcome.

Lorraine Brown is a bookbinder on the Gold Coast, in the Scenic Rim specialising in leather, book, repairs, embossing, book restoration and bookbinding.

  Sympathetic and sound book restorations are achieved using only high standard archival, conservation and durable materials. The restoration of books using only traditional hand skills in craft binding methods are utilised whilst retaining as much as possible of the original binding materials. The survival and longevity of a binding restoration is a paramount consideration. There is no compromise on quality.
There are no two books which are the same and pose the same solution in repairs so each book is considered on its own. Great care and pride is taken to ensure that future generations will enjoy these books.
Examples of some books that have been previously restored are: Family Bibles, Family Histories, Hymnals, Antique books.
Photographs by Chelsi Foskett


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